Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Free Camping At "Casino And Hotel Resorts"

One way to reduce cost's on the road is to stay at Casino parking lots. Most will let you stay one or two nights. I always ask for permission. I did have one say no. Mount Airy Hotel and Casino in the Poconos, Pa. doesn't allow overnight stay for RV's. We recently stayed at two Casinos.

We had a great time at Dover Downs Hotel And Casino. They are located in Dover, Delaware. I found them on the free campsites.net App. When we pulled in I went inside and found the security desk. I asked if we could stay overnight and they said sure and told us where to park. We were the only RV there. Because it is located so close to the ocean the evening was nice and cool.  They have an excellent buffet. Dover Downs is a famous horse race track. So during race season, RV parking is not permitted. As a courtesy, I always try and spend some money at these places. So we ate and then gambled. I ended up leaving there with $150.00 of their money, nice. It always good to get paid to stay somewhere.

We also stayed at Del Lago Hotel And Casino In Waterloo, NY. I couldn't find any free places to camp on our apps so I figured we would drive until we came across something. we were driving down I90 west in upstate NY when we saw a billboard for Del Lago casino. I had Cathy look them up online as I drove. She got the phone number and called them. She asked if they allow overnight RV parking. They said, of course, no problem. So we got off the Thruway at exit 41. They told us to park in the back by the buses. We were once again the only RV there. we got ourselves situated and went inside. We got ourselves the players cards. By doing so they gave us a buy one get one free buffet coupon on our player's card. The food was the best we've had so far. A fantastic value for $20. They also gave us a chance to win casino money. When you first insert your player card into a slot machine it brings up a spinning wheel. You hit the spin button to win casino money. Cathy hit $6.00 which she played and promptly lost. I won $5.00 and played it on one bet. The $5 bet won me $30. I ended up playing most of that evening on their money.  They did allow us to stay a second night. I ended up breaking even on the gambling after all was said and done. We ate two dinner buffets and a breakfast buffet on Saturday morning. Food was all excellent.

All in all casino parking can be a great way to reduce traveling cost's if you are careful about your gambling. I have gotten pretty lucky and have turned a small profit overall in the last month. Watch the videos for more information.

Until next time, Happy Camping!

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